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Linux : ftpcopy

ftpcopy - утилита для копирования по FTP ( ).

usage: ftpcopy [options] host[:port] remotedir [localdir]
or: ftpcopy [options] ftp://host[:port]/remotedir [localdir]

create and maintain a ftp mirror.
Connect / login / username / password options:
-u, --user=NAME Use NAME to login on the ftp server.
-p, --pass=PASSWORD Use PASS as password to login on the ftp server.
--account=ACCOUNT Send ACCOUNT as account name during login phase.
--tries=ARG Number of tries to connect and log in.
Number of tries to connect to data port.
--login-sleep=ARG Seconds to sleep after a failed login.
-4, --v4 Only use IPv4, even if v6 is available.
-6, --v6 Only use IPv6, even if v4 is available.
Verbosity options:
-l, --loglevel=ARG Controls the amount of logging done.
--bps Log transfer rates.
--progress Report progress to stderr.
File selection options:
-m, --max-days=DAYS Download only files modified in the last DAYS.
--max-size=MAXBYTES Download only files up to MAXBYTES length.
-x, --exclude=WILDCARD Exclude paths matching WILDCARD.
-i, --include=WILDCARD Include paths matching WILDCARD.
-X, --in-exclude-file=FILE Read in/exclude patterns from FILE.
--ignore-size Ignore file size.
--ignore-time Ignore modification times.
--max-depth=ARG Descend at most LEVEL directories.
Deletion options:
-n, --no-delete Do not delete files.
-M, --max-deletes=COUNT Do not delete more then COUNT files.
Operational options:
-d, --directories-only Only create the directory hierarchie.
--dry-run Don't do anything.
-T, --timeout=SECONDS Timeout to use for network read/write.
Limit file download speed.
--interactive Read directories from stdin.
Workaround options:
--ascii-listings Do directory listings in ASCII mode.
-L, --list-options=OPTS Add OPTS to LIST command.
-s, --symlink-hack Deal with symbolic links.
--force-select Use select, not poll.
--mdtm Use the MDTM command to get the remote time.
--allow-pasv-ip=IP4 Allow data connections to the address IP4.
--no-resume Do not try to resume downloads.
--tolower Change all local file names to lowercase.
Help options:
--include-exclude-help How --include and --exclude work.
--examples Show usage examples.
--see-also Where to find related information.
--version Show version: ftpcopy (ftpcopy) 0.6.7.
--help Show a list of options or the long help on one.
--longhelp Show longer help texts for all or one option.