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Отправка почты из консоли Линукс через SMTP c авторизацией

Для этого - утилита sendEmail ( )

Synopsis: -f ADDRESS [options]

-f ADDRESS from (sender) email address
* At least one recipient required via -t, -cc, or -bcc
* Message body required via -m, STDIN, or -o message-file=FILE

-t ADDRESS [ADDR ...] to email address(es)
-u SUBJECT message subject
-m MESSAGE message body
-s SERVER[:PORT] smtp mail relay, default is localhost:25

-a FILE [FILE ...] file attachment(s)
-cc ADDRESS [ADDR ...] cc email address(es)
-bcc ADDRESS [ADDR ...] bcc email address(es)
-xu USERNAME username for SMTP authentication
-xp PASSWORD password for SMTP authentication

-b BINDADDR[:PORT] local host bind address
-l LOGFILE log to the specified file
-v verbosity, use multiple times for greater effect
-q be quiet (i.e. no STDOUT output)
-o NAME=VALUE advanced options, for details try: --help misc
-o message-content-type=
-o message-file=FILE -o message-format=raw
-o message-header=HEADER -o message-charset=CHARSET
-o reply-to=ADDRESS -o timeout=SECONDS
-o username=USERNAME -o password=PASSWORD
-o tls= -o fqdn=FQDN

--help the helpful overview you're reading now
--help addressing explain addressing and related options
--help message explain message body input and related options
--help networking explain -s, -b, etc
--help output explain logging and other output options
--help misc explain -o options, TLS, SMTP auth, and more